Dr. Robert J. Zakoff

Professional Profile

Dr. Robert J. Zakoff’s Professional Profile

I have been practicing for 49 years, active in the field of pain management. I have been treating head and neck pain along with Temporal Mandibular Disorders for the last 38 years in my practice. Including physical medicine incorporated into the last 28 years. I have used advanced imaging and diagnostic equipment including the use of Computerized Tomography since the early 90`s in my office. My primary goal has been to show Health care Professional and Providers the need for a multidisciplinary approach to the complex masticatory dysfunctional relationships in pain management. The need to understand how complex swallowing patterns are associated with the head, neck, and torso, how these issues can create perpetuating factors that can maintain the complex myofacial pain patterns with referrals found in a clinical examinations. Trauma is a major factor in creating and sustaining myofacial pain as well posture.